Reflector enhancing flooring systems

Reflector enhancing flooring systems is an epoxy flooring material manufactured by Elite Crete systems from the USA.

Concreative Floors and Clean “N” Seal UK are registered reflector enhancing flooring systems installers after completing hands on training and gaining Certification of Accomplishment of all Elite Crete systems products.
Elite Crete’s Reflector enhancing flooring system is a unique, high build, self leveling, fluid applied commercial and domestic engineered floor coating that is totally aesthetically unique in every way possible (your reflector enhanced floor can never be replicated), it is long lasting and very durable and so easy to maintain.

Reflector enhanced flooring systems are the hottest and most demanding flooring systems in the USA at the moment and Concreative Floors are at the forefront of introducing these commercial and residential floor products to the UK.

The “wow” factor these floors have generated in the states and the instant eye catching of the public are making reflector floor systems the new best thing in flooring finishes. .

Extremely durable and strong

Reflector floors are extremely durable and are strong enough to withstand vehicular traffic, and also look stunning in any interior environment like domestic properties, the cost of epoxy flooring is also very good and more affordable than say most flooring products.

Reflector enhancing flooring is ideal for

• Residential
• Offices
• Garage Floors
• Showrooms
• Sports Arenas
• Hotels
• Casinos
• Schools and Universities
• Medical
• Car Dealerships
• Food Preparation Areas
• Retail Stores
• Shopping Malls
• Airports

The benefits are endless

If you are not sure if we can install reflector enhancing floors to your property then please call us to discuss your epoxy enhanced flooring requirements.

The benefits of reflector enhanced flooring systems is endless and below is a list.
• Unlimited designs, colours and patterns
• Affordable and cost effective compared to other floor types
• Extremely durable
• Strong enough to handle vehicles
• Low maintenance
• Quick installation
• Will not stain like tiles
• VOC free options
• Can be installed pre or post construction
• For new or existing floors
• Fast set for quicker turn around time
• Gloss or satin finish

The Elite Crete reflector colour chart below shows the range of colours that you can mix together to give you a totally unique floor designed only by your imagination. .

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