Micro toppings

Microtopping Concrete Floors

Are you looking for the designer floor in your property and have heard a little about micro concrete flooring, or have you just come across this amazing product surfing the web but have no idea what this type of concrete surface is, or what can be achieved with micro topping.

Micro topping concrete floors can transform any floor. Our unique microtop concrete can be applied directly onto steel, concrete, wood, tiles, plaster, screed and many other surfaces.

We can transform your floor from whatever it is now to a unique floor just for you in a matter of days.

Applied to any correctly prepared floor our micro fine cement will bond very quickly to relinquish any floor in any environment. Starting with base coats we can remove any signs of old floor tiles and cover any imperfections. Unlike other microtopping products, which only apply 1 coat of base coat, we make sure we apply at least 2 coats of base coat, sometimes we apply 2 coats of finishing coat of microtopping but 1 coat of finish coat of top coat cement is usually enough to give any cement floor finish the desired microtopping look. 

What is microtopping you may ask?

Micro cement and microtopping is a polymer cementitious product that has the ability to bond to virtually any surface like floors, walls, tables, worktops and more, use your imagination to see what else our microtopping can be applied to and give us call. it can be applied to materials like concrete, asphalt, metal, old worn tiles, plastic and more. It is also highly resistant to abrasion.

Micro top concrete has extremely adhesive properties and with the correct surface preparation will bond to almost all solid substrates.

The ingredients for our micro cement is a combination cementitous mix plus a liquid polymer. Applied to the surface by trowel upto a thickness of between 0.5mm and 3mm with 2 base coats of silica aggregates and 1 coat of finish coat when a smooth surface is required.  Our base coat and finish coat come in grey and white and can be applied together to give a varied finish. A wide range of colours is available to add to the micro cement mix giving even more options for the finished surface. Combining colours with graphic design or stencil anything can be achieved, using your imagination anything is possible.

Indoors and Outdoors

Our microcement is great for indoors and outdoor spaces and what can be achieved on different paving and floors is limitless. Our 3mm thick handmade artisan application Microtopping is also great to renovate old concrete plus it can be used to finish an existing surface of a new build project.

Your Choice What Finish You Want with Concreative floors

With our micro-topping you can choose from a wide range of colours, textures, effects and finishing of natural, matt or gloss sheens.
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