Acid Staining Concrete

Acid Staining Concrete

Acid staining can bring any concrete flooring to life, whether it’s in a commercial or domestic property. Your concrete floor can be transformed by adding specific acids based on metallic salts which penetrate the concrete turning it into a beautiful, unique, durable concrete surface. Our reactive acid concrete floor stains chemically change the colour of the concrete floor, giving it a coloured translucent effect which cannot be reproduced on any other concrete floor anywhere.

We can transform your floor from whatever it is now to a unique floor just for you in a matter of days.

The Modern Era Of Concrete Floors

Over the past decade or so concrete has become a favoured exposed surface and is enjoyed by architects and designers. Its versatility makes it an amazing material, by adding acids and other additives concrete floors can create lots of unique different finishes.

Acid staining concrete is a job only to be undertaken by professionals.

Acid stained concrete flooring is becoming more and more popular (although is still quite new to the UK) and is perfect for interior designers, architects, pubs and bars, nightclubs, shops, shopping centres, showrooms, restaurants, hotels, private houses and much, much more.

Any colourful acid stained concrete floor is also so easy to maintain and more resistant to wear and tear than concrete floors that have acrylic colours or resins applied. Chemical reaction between the acid and the concrete floor makes the stain part of the surface of the concrete floor. Our stains will not fade and are as resistant as the concrete floor itself.
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