About us

About Concreative Floors

Our vision is to be the company everyone recommends for professional micro-topping floor installation services, plus concrete floor grinding and polishing on new and existing floors.

Our mission is to be acknowledged for our exceptional workmanship on concrete, microcement and natural stone. With amazing customer service and down-to-earth-approach.

Concreative floor’s is a devision of Clean ‘N’ Seal UK

It is the love of restoration to natural stone floors and other hard surfaces that founder Bud Mott decided to venture into the very new market of micro-toppings, this also opened up doors in the concrete grinding and polishing service.

By attending a training course at ideal work in Venice Italy Bud Gained certificates on the theory and practical sides of both concrete acid staining and microtopping. Now is the right time to start applying his newly gained skills to floors and other surfaces in the Southwest.

This new service from Clean ’N’ Seal UK will be one of the very first for Bristol, Bath and the Southwest and Bud is very much looking forward to giving our customers new and old the next best thing in flooring and surface coverings.

We are always looking for the next best thing when it comes to hard surface restoration and this new site is proof of that.

Our new Motto “Limited Only By Ones Imagination” says a great deal about Bud and the future of Clean ‘N’ Seal UK.